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Starting Family Conversations:

When is the right time to talk to your parents about their future health care needs? Or, if you are a parent, how do you bring up the topic with your adult children? It can be challenging for even the closest of families to talk about the future, especially when it comes to health care planning. But talking now is better than waiting until a crisis occurs- the challenge is, how do you start that conversation? Dick Edwards, author of the book, "Mom, Dad...Can We Talk" spoke at RiverWoods and has some advice in the video below.

Dick Edwards, Author of Mom, Dad...Can We Talk? Insight and Perspectives to Help Us Do What's Best for Our Aging Parents

click to order Dick Edwards' book from Wheatmark bookstore Mom, Dad…Can We Talk? is for the 53 million adult children in America, the sandwich generation of boomers for whom aging-parent issues and care concerns are an increasing reality. Contained within the book are:

  • 100 personal stories and quotes from adult children who have journeyed with their parents through their later years
  • Practical advice for initiating caring conversations, such as "Mom, we’re worried about you living alone," or "Mom, Dad, we need you to tell us what you want us to do."
  • Helpful hints for managing the Big Ds of growing older: dementia, drinking, depression, and driving
  • If you can stop, evaluate, anticipate, and communicate as your parents get older, this phase of their lives will be more smooth and enjoyable for all, with no regrets.

About the Author

Dick Edwards has thirty-five years of experience working closely with older adults and their families. For the past twenty years he served as administrator of Charter House, a nationally recognized model for excellence in retirement living and long-term health care affiliated with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dick and his wife, Pat, have three adult children and six grandchildren.

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VIDEO: How do you know if your parents need additional care?

Know when Assisted Living will best benefit you and your loved one Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living

Learn How Assisted Living can Transform a Life

This is one of your parents' biggest life decisions, and if you're like many adult children with aging parents—you are intimately involved in the process.

When starting a conversation about a move to a community that offers assisted living, you need to know how to make the right choices. The webinar below will help you know when your parents need additional care, which questions to ask and how to be prepared.

  • Learn to identify the top signs that your parent may need help.
  • Advice for family members on starting the conversation.
  • Tips on how to help as a caregiver or adult child.
  • Understand what Assisted Living is and when it might be needed.


The webinar above features the following two panelists:

  • Laura Cieplik, AL Counselor , RiverWoods, with information on the contract options and what to consider before signing contracts.
  • Christine Hegarty, Director of Social Services , RiverWoods, with insights from her more than 12 years of social work experience.

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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear:

Top Ten Questions Adult Children Have About Parents' Health Care

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VIDEO: My Parents Have the Best Care


VIDEO: Assisted Living & Health Care


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