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Independent Living

We’ve gained so much freedom here – we can travel at the drop of a hat. Our life is so much more spontaneous!”
- Theo Alexander, resident since 2006

At RiverWoods, you can continue to live your active independent life the way you choose, knowing your future health care needs will be met and free from the burdens of traditional home ownership.

RiverWoods residents live vibrant lives and participate in a wide variety of outside and indoor activities, both on campus and off. Here on campus, residents can pursue their passions and enjoy any number of activities including:

- Gardening, woodworking, and other hobbies

- Painting classes, pottery and photography

- Educational seminars

- Play-reading performances, singing and playing instruments

Fitness classes, state of art gym and pool on each campus

- Walking, biking and hiking on miles of beautiful campus trails

- Volunteering and community outreach

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Independence at RiverWoods (1:45)