The Intern's Perspective

By Mike McAuliffe, Marketing Intern at RiverWoods Exeter

Right when I walked through the front door of Campus Crossing for the first day of my marketing internship I could sense the welcoming energy that radiates throughout RiverWoods Exeter. I was immediately showered with warm greetings from everyone in the office, many of whom already knew my name, and was given a tour which introduced me to all three of our beautiful campuses. From the get-go I could tell that RiverWoods Exeter is a special place and that this internship will be an experience that I’ll thoroughly enjoy.


I was lucky enough to experience an event in Boulders Hall just my second day on the job. I got the chance to greet residents and community members attending the event as they came through the front entrance and was able to introduce myself to a few of them during the luncheon that took place after the event. It was amazing to hear current residents speaking so fondly and passionately about the RiverWoods Exeter community and in-turn it made me feel proud to be working for a community in which residents genuinely love living.


The combination of guidance and freedom that I have been given during the first couple weeks of my internship has been fantastic. I’m asked to work on specific tasks, but also have the leeway to work on projects that can be molded by my own creativity. This past week I was able to visit our three new goats and new bunny as they arrived to their new home at The Boulders. I captured some great videos which I used to create a short informational video to post on our social media platforms for residents, employees and community members to enjoy. Video production is a passion of mine and I’m very glad that I’ll be given the opportunity to utilize that passion throughout my time here. I’m only on my third week of work here at RiverWoods Exeter, but I must say that my experience so far has been a great one.