Presidential Primary Stops at RiverWoods

Presidential Primary Stops at RiverWoods Exeter, New HampshireIt's been a busy Presidential Primary season at RiverWoods! The RiverWoods Resident Voter Information Committee invited all of the presidential candidates to speak and field questions from residents.

Behind the Scenes at CNN and WGBH with Anne Adams

Anne Adams presentation at RiverWoodsBlog and Photos by Bob Jones, RiverWoods Resident since 2010Recently, Anne Adams, daughter of Tom and Mimi Adams of the Ridge came to Boulders Hall to tell us about her career in television in a program entitled. "Behind the Scenes at CNN and WGBH".

Anne started her presentation by telling us that from the age of 10 she wanted to be in TV, but behind the camera not in front of it. Her dream came true when she received a call from CNN to be part of their new 24 hour news program. Many were saying that 24 hour news would not work. But they made it work learning on the job in 15 hour days.

A big breakthrough for CNN came with the live reporting from Beijing during the Tienanmen uprising. The team in Beijing were reporting from a hotel room utilizing a satellite phone hookup while Anne was part of the team back in Atlanta. Utilizing photos and film clips Anne took us through those harrowing days when the crisis was unfolding on the square and the Chinese authorities were working to shut them down.

Congratulations to the "RiverWoods Mission Possible" team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the 'RiverWoods Mission Possible' walkers joined more than 1000 other local walkers earlier this month for the annual "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" fundraiser. The three mile walk through Exeter raised more than $110,000 with the RiverWoods walkers raising just over $2,200 for the fight against breast cancer.

RiverWoods at Exeter, NH - Mission Possible Team Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

A RiverWoods Wine Tasting

Bob Jones, RiverWoods Resident since 2010Wine tasting at RiverWoods in Exeter NHAt this years wine tasting with Nelson Barber, Associate Professor Department of Hospitality Management Peter T. Paul School of Business and Economics at UNH, we took a "Tour of France".

Dr. Barber has focused his toward understanding consumer behavior and decision theory (demand side research), with particular attention to wine, wine tourism, and the environment. He has published numerous articles in such journals as the Tourism and Hospitality Research, Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, International Journal of Wine Research, and the Journal of Consumer Marketing, among others. Dr. Barber is a member of the Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (CHRIE), the Society of Consumer Psychology (SCP), and the European Wine Economists society.

A big crowd for the annual RiverWoods BBQ

A high flying birthday for one RiverWoods resident

RiverWoods resident Bill Romain's birthday flightblog and photos by Bob Jones, RiverWoods at Exeter resident since 2010RiverWoods resident Bill Romaine celebrated his 94th birthday by going out to Hampton Airfield to make a flight where he has been flying a light plane since he moved to RiverWoods. Bill is no longer allowed to solo, so he flies with an instructor, Bob, as co-pilot. However Bill does do all the flying from takeoff to landing.

Bill told me that he learned to fly sometime in the 80s when he built an ultralight with a one cylinder engine. To hear Bill tell it he learned to fly at the Minute Man Airfield in Stow Mass. by “Crow Hopping” his ultralight down the runway, much to the consternation of the man who sold him the kit, until he got the hang of it and finally made a flight around the airport, and in his words, somehow landed. Later he purchased an ultralight with a bigger engine and flew it a great deal.

Jane Kelly and her owls steal the show!

Blog and photos by RiverWoods resident Bob JonesJane Kelly presenting at RiverWoods Continuing Care Retirement Community in Exeter NHJane Kelly of Epping, a licensed raptor rehabilitator recently came to RiverWoods to share her story, and show three of her raptors. She was introduced by Carolie Martin of the Education Committee who arranged for Jane's RiverWoods visit.

Jane brought a Eastern Screech Owl, a Barn Owl and a Great Horned Owl.

She became interested in raptor recovery after seeing a large number of raptors killed or severely injured along Route 101 in a one month period.

"Old Man on a Bicycle: A ride across America and How to Realize a More Enjoyable Old Age"

Author Don Peterson shares his story with RiverWoods residents

Blog and photos by Bob Jones, RiverWoods resident since 2010Don Peterson presents at RiverWoods - courtesy photoDon Peterson along with his wife Julie and his daughter Susan joined us for Don's story of his ride across America on a bicycle following his retirement from the Foreign Service after serving many years as a US Ambassador to several countries in Africa.  The story he told us is recounted in the material copied below from Amazon as an introduction to his book about the adventure entitled:
"Old Man on a Bicycle: A Ride Across America and How to Realize a More Enjoyable Old Age".

A couple from RiverWoods performs their own love song about life at the Exeter, NH CCRC

Howie and Lydia Colwell moved to Ri

An Apple a Day...

Dr. Joanne Curran-Celentano presenting at RiverWoods CCRC Exeter New HampshireDr. Joanne Curran-Celentano recently presented a talk to RiverWoods residents entitled "How Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away" sponsored by the Resident Education Committee and the Resident Fitness Committee.

Joanne Curran-Celentano is Professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of New Hampshire, where she teaches and also explores why diets rich in fruits and vegetables decrease the risk of chronic disease.