RiverWoods Annual Report and Financials

Financial Strength

A critical aspect of making a good economic choice about senior living is finding a secure and financially sound organization, particularly in times when the economy is volatile. RiverWoods not only has a long history in the CCRC industry, but is also consistently financially strong, year after year. Our strong balance sheet enables us to weather economic storms. As an independent organization, we have grown thoughtfully, maintained strong occupancy, and have historically performed well against industry financial benchmarks.

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Audited Financials

Kevin Goyette, CFO, RiverWoods CCRC

In an effort to help people better understand the audited financial statements below, RiverWoods Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Goyette, has written the following white paper:

A Roadmap for Evaluating a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Kevin has also written the following white paper for financial professionals interested in effectively analyzing different communities' financial strength for their clients:

The Financial Advisor's Roadmap for Evaluating a Continuing Care Retirement Community .


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Annual Reports

2017 RiverWoods Annual Report

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