About Us

"RiverWoods has more than lived up to my expectations. There is a real vitality in our community!" –- Maryanna Hatch, Co-founder and resident since 1994

RiverWoods: The Seacoast’s Premier Life Care Community

RiverWoods is a nationally accredited Charitable non-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community that is comprised of three vibrant, self-contained, life care communities with easy access to all the charms of New Hampshire and New England. Conceived by a grassroots group of seacoast area residents, RiverWoods opened in 1994 and remains true to its founders' original inspiration - that growing older should enhance, not diminish, the opportunity for a productive and rewarding life. Here, you can enjoy life to the fullest in an inspiring setting with people who share your interests.

VIDEO: Our Mission Drives Us

RiverWoods is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Move in while you are able to live independently, and you are guaranteed lifetime access to different levels of care, if and when you need it, at no increase in fee.

- Founded in 1994 by a grassroots group of seacoast residents

- Nationally accredited , locally managed

- Non-profit Charitable organization

- 90% refundable entrance fee

- Three separate campuses with duplicated amenities, on 200 wooded acres

- 400 apartments and cottages with more than 40 pricing options

- Residents hold 20% of voting seats on the Board of Trustees

Resident fast facts

Number of residents: 619
Number of females: 401
Number of males: 218
Average age: 84
Number of weddings in past 4 years: 6
Number of people with dogs: 20
Number of people with cats: 17
Number of people with birds: 1
Number of people with fish: 1
Number of gardeners: 85
Number of woodworkers: 40
Number for residents who went to college: 312
Number of residents who went to grad school: 116
Number of residents with PhD: 29

Where do we come from?

New Hampshire: 52%  
Massachusetts: 14%
Connecticut: 6%
Vermont: 5%
New York: 4%
Maine: 4%
Florida: 5%
New Jersey    3%
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia (each): 1%
All other: 4%

Faculty members from:

Cornell University
Smith College
University of Vermont
Yale Divinity School
University of Connecticut
Ohio State
Dartmouth College
University of New Hampshire
Ohio State University
Rensselaer Polytechnic
US Academy of Engineering
Williams College
Northeastern University
University of Texas
Bryant University

Top 6 undergraduate institutions

Harvard University
University of New Hampshire
Boston College
Boston University
Cornell University
Columbia University